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Believing in Fate and Destiny : 10 Steps to Calm Series

Fate and Destiny

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Fate and Destiny play a big part in our lives. I like to personally think of them as Angels which is why I capitalize their names. Fate and Destiny exist and quite often play little tricks in our lives, to keep us on our toes. Some of what they throw at us is happy, yet some of the things that happen are sad.

You really must believe in the cards you are dealt, and that everything happens for a reason.  You may never find out the “why” of the reason (as discussed here in the letting go post) but this does not matter. The point is to realize life is a long and windy road, full of twists and turns.  Changes in your relationships, finances, career, friendships, living situations, will occur.

I believe that life presents us with opportunities, but it’s our free will and conscious choices that can either better or worsen our lives.

Here are some examples.

Let’s say a perfect job opportunity comes your way but it’s in another state.  A dream job in fact, but your family doesn’t embrace this change.  They don’t think they will be happy living in another state, and relocation wasn’t on your list of plans. At this point you must determine what is best for you, and discuss options with your family.  It is up to YOUR free will to make a conscious decision.  At this very moment, life has presented you with the with this job opportunity finding you, most certainly arranged by Fate and Destiny, but it depends on if you are willing to accept the change.

Are you? At this point you may decide to weigh the pros and cons, check out the company profile and relocation packages, and make the choice that best fits you and your family.   Sometimes changes like this can be scary.  Moving your whole life on a whim always has reservations in the back of your mind. Other times, they may work out so much better than you anticipated if you just believe. It’s up to you to trust your instinct, and embrace or reject what Fate and Destiny has sent your way.

Also Fate and Destiny plays a big part in love and relationships.

Here’s another example.

Life sends you the perfect person for you at a time when you aren’t even looking to meet someone. Perhaps this person crashes into your life like an asteroid.  It seems too good to be true, so you doubt the situation. You may not be open to them at this point in your life. Perhaps the timing is wrong. Maybe you have other things you are working on. This person may interrupt your life. Now the situation can be overbearing on your heart, and cause you much anxiety and stress.  What may have been pleasant encounter at one point in your life, has happened at the wrong time. Is this one of life’s jokes? Or a shake up from Fate and Destiny?

Ultimately Fate and Destiny has sent this person into your life, but now it’s up to YOUR FREE WILL to decide how to embrace the opportunity or decline it.  Love is a scary thing, however, could also be grandiose for two hearts that seek.   If one person resists the change and does not believe,  then it can never be.   Trust and believe that  Fate and Destiny have shown you each other for a reason, but you must decide with free will, what that outcome will be.

Have you ever had stories of people who later in life say, “I should have….”.  Don’t let this be you.

Fate , Destiny and Free Will

Fate, Destiny and Free Will.  Image:© Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer 


On both of the above examples, you have to believe in Fate and Destiny in order to be open to accepting change.  Change can be a scary thing, and make you uncomfortable and uneasy.  It’s the fear and the voice of fear that may prevent you from accepting with opens arms Fate and Destiny.

Changes, if embraced, may also turn out to be the best decision you ever made in your life, and complete you in a way you never knew possible. It’s just depending on if you are willing to take the risk, or if you believe.

Next time Fate or Destiny bring you what I like to call an “in your face” circumstance, then you must decide how to exercise your free will.

Fate and DestinyHurt Sometimes

On the flip side, Fate and Destiny also throws us punches and blows in our life such as:

  • the untimely loss of a loved one
  • unbelievable overnight life changing issues
  • health issues
  • traumatic incidents
  • breakups in friendships or relationships
  • lost loves

In these cases, it will not be always easy to accept Fate and Destiny, as you had no choice in the matter. Your mind and your heart will go through many emotions, almost as if you were going through the five stages of grief . These circumstances will be difficult but all are life changing circumstances that you must deal with (like it or not.)

Some people experience so much more of these than others, the weight of Fate and Destiny may seem so unfair, and at times is almost unbearable. It’s only when you get your mind aligned with the fact that you must learn acceptance of the situation and move forward, that Fate and Destiny work again to present another decision or circumstance your way.  Good or bad remains to be seen.

In all of these examples, good or bad ones, changes are inevitable.  It’s only when you start believing in fate and destiny that you can accept change and embrace the next chapter of your life.  Some people resist the changes that life is throwing their way. Resisting the changes won’t do you any good.  Accept it, embrace it, deal with it, and decide how to handle it.

For instance, I have seen situations where, people are brought full circle in their lives so many times to the same places, at the crossroads of the same decisions over and over.  I read once, where insanity was repeating the same action and expecting different results.  That often occurs in an unhappy marriage or an abusive situation that someone is going through.  Their free will keeps them there, but Fate and Destiny may try to save them.

I also hear quite often that life does not give you more than you can handle.  I am sure some of you may disagree with that.  The challenge is getting your mind strong and soul happy even though life has sent you a ton of lemons.  Make lemonade and move forward.

Fate and Destiny (Angels I call them) are here, in our lives, whether you like them or not.  Sometimes, it’s better to  accept and embrace the changes , and move your feet forward. Only now will life’s cycle present you with another knock from fate or destiny, then it’s up to you to decide what your reaction (next step) will be.

steps to handle fate and destiny

accept the fate and destiny situation

embrace the fate and destiny situation

decide how to handle the fate and destiny situation, often making a free will decision

move forward

~stay tuned for more from fate and destiny~

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