Ten Steps to Calm

Taking Time for Yourself : 10 Steps to Calm Series

Take Time for Yourself

Take Time For Yourself! You are Worth It ! Photo:© Cindy Fahnestock-Schafer

Life is so busy, work, family, kids, errands, house chores, no one seems to have the time.  In my previous post about finding a good work-life balance, I explained that you have to reset your mind from time to time.  This means taking some time out for yourself.

This time out doesn’t need to be a day, but should be long enough to get your mind off of things. Here are some great suggestions to help you stay focused.

  • Get up a half hour to 45 minutes early before the rest of your house wakes up. Take a short walk and start your day right! Exercise reduces stress and gets you in touch with nature first thing in the morning!
  • Spend some alone time in the tub. Nothing relieves stress like a hot bath, mixed with some of your favorite herbal bath suds.
  • Spend an hour reading your favorite websites, you are worth it.  Taking your mind off the stresses of the day .
  • Read a book or magazine. This is actually helpful if you spend your day on the computer.  Doing something other than looking at a screen can refocus your mind and help.
  • Do a hobby that you love for an hour!  Whether it be making crafts or gardening, a small bit of activity goes a long way. Need some ideas? Why not make a collage card for a friend, a post card for someone you care about, a sculpture from clay, knit or crochet part of a blanket, sew or repair that hole in your jeans….
  • Bake something or make something in the kitchen, Sometimes the smell of something cooking can be therapeutic in itself! Try a new recipe, make something healthy, maybe a kale salad that you can nibble on for lunch tomorrow?
  • Spend quality time with the husband, wife, or kids.  Do something not planned, spur of the moment.
  • Have sex, yes, that’s right! I said have sex with the husband, wife, boyfriend, etc.  Sex releases happy happy endorphins to recharge the body!

It’s a proven fact that happiness or smiling resets the soul, so do it!  Find time for yourself to de-stress and unwind from your day.